Public lecture by Christine Benn at the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters - NOV. 30

20 November 2015

Christine Benn is giving a public lecture on vaccines at the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters. Please feel free to participate.

NB. The lecture is in Danish.

Christine Benn invited to give prestigous plenary talk at the ESCAIDE conference

13 November 2015

European Scientific Conference on Applied Infectious Disease Epidemiology (ESCAIDE) is taking place this week in Stockholm, Sweden.

Prof. Christine Benn was invited to give one of the prestigous plenary talks at the conference.

Read more about the different speakers at their website.


The first child was enrolled in the new BCG rural study on November 7

10 November 2015

The BCG rural study will study the effect of BCG and OPV on early infant mortality and morbidity. All children will receive a home visit by a study nurse shortly after birth.