Revaccination with Live Attenuated Vaccines Confer Additional Beneficial Nonspecific Effects on Overall Survival

10 October 2016

Our article on how live vaccines against measles (MV), tuberculosis (BCG), polio (OPV) and smallpox reduce mortality more than explained by target-disease prevention is now published in EBioMedicine.

Stakeholder meeting in Accra, Ghana

29 August 2016

Friday we celebrated the end of our EU FP7 grant with an Optimunise meeting in Accra (after a morning run).

Upgrade on Bissau IT personel

28 July 2016

We are very happy to inform that last Friday our IT Assistant Ibraima Baldé graduated.

Many congratulations on his diploma!

Sex-differential mortality after routine vaccinations in urban Guinea-Bissau

26 July 2016

In addition to the targeted effects, vaccines may also have non-specific effects (NSEs) on child mortality. The NSEs are often sex-differential. Hence, changes in sex-differences in child mortality by vaccination status is important in assessing the effects of new vaccines.