BCG growth variation can modulate the immune response to BCG

27 March 2015

In Guinea-Bissau we found that during a period when the manufacturer experienced slow growth rate of the BCG vaccine, the BCG vaccine was actually much better at inducing a BCG scar and a positive tuberculin skin test response.

Measles-mumps-rubella vaccine gives extra bonus

3 March 2015

In a Danish register-based study we found that MMR vaccination was associated with a 22% reduced rate of hospital contacts related to laboratory-confirmed infection with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

BCG coverage and delays in BCG vaccination in Guinea-Bissau

9 December 2014

BCG vaccination is recommended at birth in low-income countries, but vaccination is often delayed. Often 20-dose vials of BCG are not opened unless at least ten children are present for vaccination (“restricted vial-opening policy”). BCG coverage is usually reported as 12-month coverage, not disclosing the delay in vaccination. Several studies show that BCG at birth lowers neonatal mortality. We assessed BCG coverage at different ages and explored reasons for delay in BCG vaccination in rural Guinea-Bissau.

Newborn twins are a vulnerable group in Guinea-Bissau and elsewhere in Africa

9 December 2014

Yet, few studies have examined what happens after hospital discharge. In Guinea-Bissau we found that the post-perinatal infant mortality rate of twins was double that of singletons. No excess in twin hospitalisations was observed, possibly implying obstacles to hospital admission for twins in case of severe illness.